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Celeritas Energy Corp

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Celeritas Energy Corp is a company that designs, manufactures and distributes green high efficiency solid-state/LED light sources, drivers and related products and systems. The company utilizes the latest technologies for green energy and energy efficiency solid-state/LED lighting. We have the in-depth knowledge and the know-how regarding the latest developments in solid state/LED functionality and requirements. We interface with market practitioners, such as architects, engineers, etc., to provide the company an advantage and to better serve our clients with leading edge technology.

Celeritas Energy Corp custom designs and develops high power solid-state/LED light engines, which include LED modules, drivers and thermal management heat sinks for architectural lighting.  Celeritas Energy’s business model is in keeping with the public interest in efficient solid-state lighting and green environment practices. At Celeritas Energy Corp, products are designed and manufactured with passion not merely to deliver lighting solution and also to reduce global warming emission.

Our clients include lighting fixture architects, engineers and lighting designers.